Pressure Washer Rotating Nozzles

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A rotating nozzle creates a powerful, rotating jet of water that produces a very aggressive high impact water blast, which will greatly increase cleaning results. A rotating nozzle will reduce cleaning time and increase the effectiveness of your pressure washer.

We only carry the very best rotating nozzles on the market and at a price you can afford. Use this handy nozzle chart to determine what size you need.

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Rotating Nozzles - Spinner Nozzles - Turbo Nozzles

Top seller! WH36 Tough Blue rotating nozzle (3650 psi) designed for higher pressure cleaning jobs, this nozzle resists high-impact drops because its made with ceramic seat and plastic cover. Perfect for the toughest cleaning applications.

WH36—Tough Blue

web price: $44.49

The WH51 is for high pressure systems rated up to 5,100 psi. A very aggressive water jet pattern with a ceramic seat and nozzle tip for extensive wear.

WH51—Aggressive Red

web price: $58.49

DK series(3200 psi) spins fast! Applications include hard surface cleaning, animal confinements, spray paint and graffiti removal, cleaning concrete, stucco and wood decks, removal of gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal.

Dirt Killer DK series

web price: $68.49

IDK series(4700 psi) spins slow! Its spinning head moves at a much slower speed producing larger water droplets that can deliver a devastating blasting force. The IDK has the ability to attack and thoroughly clean difficult surfaces like hog confinements, farrowing crates, barns, boats, docks and much more.

Dirt Killer IDK series

web price: $119.95

Rotomax Rotating Nozzle (1450—3200 psi) adjustable rotating speed. Dirt and grease are totally busted with this powerful nozzle. Unique design allows for aim & shoot operation, even when cleaning overhead.

Rotomax Nozzles

web price: $58.50

Y3K Turbo Rotating Nozzle (3000 psi) awe-inspiring power rips away thick dirt, dried mud, manure and grease! Intense cleaning action cuts cleaning time in half. Durable ceramic nozzle offers greater resistance to wear.

Y3K Turbo Rotating Nozzles

web price: $54.95

Suttner Turbo Nozzles ST357: 3600 psi.

Suttner Turbo Nozzles ST357

web price: $55.49

Suttner Turbo Nozzles ST457: 5800 psi.

Suttner Turbo Nozzles ST457

web price: $88.49

¼ Quick Connect Plug

¼ Quick Connect Plug

web price: 2.45

High Pressure Filter with ¼ Quick Connect Plug

High Pressure Filter

web price: 19.95

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